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A Must Have In Every Woman's Closet.

Tired of every blog suggesting what you should have and wear?

Some publications that are more interested in trends than 'what makes you feel comfortable and confident.' We all know not everybody likes the same things or, can afford the same things. So we put together a list of must-have items for every modern woman's closet. Items that are adjustable for every style, body type, and budget, so you’ll never have to say, “I have nothing to wear!” ever again.


Perfect Fit Leggings

Starting from the most comfortable item. What was once an athletic outfit is now unapologetically worn in place of pants. You can work around in them, Have brunch in them and Still work out in them. They are the comfiest things you own, so you might as well find a pair that will look and feel as good as possible.



Sustainable Denim

Denim is never out of touch or not trendy, whichever you prefer, skinnies, baggies, or straight leg, you should invest in quality pair that will last forever and make you feel like the best version of yourself.


Multifunctional Dress

Maybe you can't afford a luxurious cocktail gown, or you're a 'comfort-first type', An ideal day-to-night dress is a blank slate. You can pair it with sneakers and a casual jacket or make it work-appropriate with a blazer and flats or a nice pair of heels.

Also, if dresses aren’t your thing, a button-down and a nice pair of pants will suffice as well.


Power Shoes

Need an extra boost of confidence? Nothing does that better than a nice pair of shoes, no matter what your style is, 6. inch heels, edgy boots, flats, or sneakers having a go-to pair that makes you feel like a total badass and will make you stand a little taller (metaphorically or physically).


Basic Tees

A must-have, period! You can pair a white tee with your favorite pair of jeans, you can tuck them in your bodycon skirt, also worn under a jacket. Any way you want to style it, a basic tee is a thing every fashionable woman should own!



Blazers and Jackets add another layer to your outfits, making a simple Tee on Denim look more complex. Also styling them as casual office wear.


Classic Sunglasses

Get yourself a pair of sunglasses that not only fits your facial features but enhances them as well. The right size and style of frames are important prerequisites when picking out sunglasses.


Go-to Tote

Possibly more useful than a purse, never leave home without all your necessary items again. You can compartmentalize all your daily materials, from planners to chewing gums, and still have room for other weightful materials. 


Statement Jewelry

The finishing touch to any outfit, necklaces pair perfectly with cocktail dresses, watches with everyday wear, and office outfits e.t.c.

Jewelry is the final piece to complete your style puzzle.


Which of these staples do you have in your closet?


Kadiri Alex

Kadiri Alex

Kadiri Alex is a graduate of English and Literary Studies. Although he works in Business Development and Social Media Management, he is first a creative/content writer. He is most recognized for his works of fiction. Find him on Instagram at @alexwrites.


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