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Men's Watches: The Essentials. Pt.2 of 2

Nowadays, we use our smartphones to tell the time, but the appeal of wristwatches hasn't gone out of style yet. Men's watches (being one of the most popular pieces of accessory for the gender) reflect class. Watches give men the ability to express themselves, their personality, and their style. 

Tactical Watches

There were tactical watches before there were smartwatches. Often revered as one of the quintessential modern survivalist items, these were built with military precision in mind.

Their rugged and bulky good looks are best paired with garb-like thick woolen sweaters, chambray shirts, black tees, and dark denim; camouflage patterns optional.


Digital Watches

The foundation for our modern-day Smartwatches, Digital watches were developed back in the 70s. They have a kind of mid-century modern charm to them. They’re also easily available across many price points, from disposable plastic models to refined contemporary designs.

Digital watches pair well with streetwear, also, perfect for tracksuits.


Dive Watches

Perfect for Water-lovers, either you are a novice or a pro in the act of swimming. A good dive watch is essential not only for its obvious water-resistant characteristics, but they also tend to have great styling and added features that may also come in handy topside. They match perfectly with your favorite jeans or a great swimsuit.


Racing Watches

Highly associated with Auto Racing, these brands of watches represent speed and are prominent among thrill lovers and speed limit breakers i.e Racers. Racing watches can help bring some of that excitement into your every day. Best worn more casually, look great with a quarter-zip sweater and dress trousers.


Field Watches

Another design inspired by military styling, field watches were developed after World War II, more often have a bit of retro influence. Known for its focus on timekeeping and it is often designed with a fabric strap. They go well with casual office attire, and also perfect complements for blazers and jackets.



Kadiri Alex

Kadiri Alex

Kadiri Alex is a graduate of English and Literary Studies. Although he works in Business Development and Social Media Management, he is first a creative/content writer. He is most recognized for his works of fiction. Find him on Instagram at @alexwrites.


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