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3 Easy Ways to Get Ripped

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3 Easy Ways to Get Ripped

If you're a fan of Big Brother Naija, then surely you've noticed that the kind of men who frequently make it on the show are usually the ones with chiseled physiques—from Kemen to Tobi to Eric and Kiddwaya. These men are blessed with bodies that cause women to drool and ogle them.

Have you ever wondered how these people achieved their muscular appearance or do you know how but just do not see it working for you because after multiple attempts, your body seems more strong-willed than you and is steadfast in its decision to remain unspectacular?

Whatever the situation, here are some awesome ways to achieve the body of your dreams and get women looking in your direction.


Kadiri Alex

Kadiri Alex

Kadiri Alex is a graduate of English and Literary Studies. Although he works in Business Development and Social Media Management, he is first a creative/content writer. He is most recognized for his works of fiction. Find him on Instagram at @alexwrites.

Eat right

If you hope to build your muscle mass, then eating just anything that comes your way isn't an option. Reduce the amount of junk that you take and instead focus on bodybuilding foods like meat, fish, dairy, grains, fruits, starchy vegetables, vegetables, seeds and nuts, beans and legumes, oils. This way, you don't just provide your body with the mass upon which it's supposed to build muscles, you synchronously leave out unnecessary fat build-up. 

Adopt healthy eating habits

This means no late-night snacks. Because a good number of us do not sleep until the wee hours of the morning, we tend to feel hunger and then proceed to stuff ourselves with food even at those odd hours. This is bad because many times we retire to bed shortly afterward and do not leave enough time for the food to digest. In time, this builds up in our bodies and results in unattractive fat deposits.

Adopt healthy eating habits
Exercise right

Everyone knows that the quickest way to build one's muscles is by working out. But do we really know what routines are required to achieve the desired result? Different workout routines target specific areas in the body. Are you engaging in the appropriate one for your end goal? If you're someone whose pectoral or chest muscles are unimpressive, then you're probably working out to especially build this part of your body. Engaging in push-ups only and expecting a mind-blowing result will usually end in disappointment. Focus instead on those routines that target your chest wall e.g pull-ups, barbell bench press, incline dumbbell press etc.


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